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Multiple wireless mouse system
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MultiMice Case

- 32 wireless mice with optical sensor Logitech M215
- 2.4 GHz radio interface
- OFN presenter
- power adaptor
- Multimice® software
- tests editor

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MultiMice Case

WIRELESS MICE SYSTEM MultiMice ®                                                             See product datasheet...


A patented design


The patented concept implements a set of 32 wireless mice connected by means of a reception and interface box to a single computer driving a video projector.

The mice communicate with the interface box by a RF link.

A specific software allows to select the working mouse.

This software is working with any application software; moreover it offers facilities to run MCQ, the results of which are known immediately.



A new concept for initiation and collective training to microcomputers.



Contrary to teaching of other disciplines, data processing practices lend themselves currently rather badly to collective courses. Training is rather based on the organization of practical working sessions, during which the pupils, by small groups of two or three, are trained on a complete microcomputer.

To make it possible a great number of pupils to profit from an initiation, one thus needs large hardware means permanently installed in specialized classrooms having many power supply sockets.

With this wireless mouse system, teaching approach would be that of an interactive lecture.


The MultiMice ® system is the straightforward extension of existing multimedia carts. 



An intuitive user interface 



The master pointing device – touch pad of the notebook or conference pointing device – allows to select the mouse having the hand (green figurine) on a plan reproducing the arrangement of the class, with the names of the pupils.

The plan of every class, built in a interactive way, can be saved to be later retrieved.

The software can be also coupled with an interactive board.




MCQ tests with immediate results.


The basic software allows to build MCQ with three possible answers corresponding to the three buttons of the implemented mice.

The questions can be illustrated by images and contain weighting according to their difficulty.


The duration of display of every question is customizable, as well as that of the good answers.


Immediate statistics of MCQ



The global and detailed statistics are at once available on the end of the test.


Quiz and vote


The basic software also allows to use mice as stop button of a quiz, or as voting boxes.


A system completely open to existing applications.


The user interface can be reduced to a mini-panel, loosening totally the central part of the screen.

The entry of alphanumeric characters by every mouse is possible by means of a virtual keyboard displayed on the screen, so avoiding the use of a set of bulky keyboards.



The MultiMice ® system allows the deployment of a mobile class or a multimedia room for a fraction of the cost of the classic equipments!




Description: Set of 32 (40 in option) 3-button wireless opticall mices, with wheel, each powered by one standard AA battery (life-time 1 year,), interface box and CAT software,

Mechanical design: interface box in ABS.

Supported operating system: PC under WINDOWS® XP

Interface: USB 2.0 port

Size:  interface box 190x110x120 mm; mouse 105x54x35 mm

Weight:interface box: 0,8 kg

Power supply:  interface box: 230 V 50 Hz 40W


Availability: six weeks



 © 2008 Alice-Innovation




















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MultiMice Case

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