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- 40x +1 recorders / players MP3 USB 8GB and headphones
- USB hub with 40 ports + 2 / duplicator / charger
- 40 W AC adapter

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MultiStick PODCASTING CASE                                                                                    See product datasheet...



A software solution


The components of this case can distribute and collect audio content in MP3 format on audio players.

Unlike existing hardware solutions consisting in autonomous duplicators, the proposed software solution allows a higher flexibility in the managing of MP3 players sets and without sacrificing transfer speed due to performances of current computers.

The specific USB hub used is available with a USB keys management software developed by the French Ministry of Education.



Trendy MP3 Player 



The case includes 40 high fidelity MP3 player (plus one for the teacher) with many features:

-Energy System Black Shadow Model

-8 GB of internal memory

-Built-in microphone

-MP3 and WMA formats

- Folder navigation


A dedicated USB Hub


This hub has 40 USB ports on the upper side and two additional ports on the back side; it has three status indicators on the front side:

-indication of a default (red)

-indication of current key connection (yellow)

-indication of computer operational connection of all inserted keys (green).


Please contact us for specific configurations with a reduced number of MP3 players or with other models of MP3 players.



Six weeks after the order



Specification of the case


Description: Set of 41 MP3 players with headphones, 42 USB hub ports / charger, AC adapter, cables

Presentation: aluminum case with combination lock - convoluted foam

Supported System: PC under WINDOWS ® 8 recommended, Windows XP ® or above, Linux
Software and documentation: files on the master MP3 players

Dimensions: 380 mm x 260 mm x 95 mm
Weight: 3.0 kg


Specification of the hub


Description: hub with 42 USB ports 2.0 - 40 ports on the upper side - (transverse spacing: 30 mm - longitudinal spacing: 21 mm) - 2 ports on the bask side - three status indicators

Presentation: Black ABS case

Supported System: PC under WINDOWS 8 ® recommended, Windows ® XP or above, Linux

Dimensions: 210 mm x 125 mm x 25 mm
Weight: 0.35 kg

Power supply: 230 V 50 Hz 40 W



Specification of MP3 players


Description: Black Shadow Energy System
-8 GB of internal memory

-Built-in microphone

-OLED screen 128 x 32 pixels

-Built-in FM radio

-In-ear hi-fi system with neodymium magnets

-Rechargeable lithium-ion Battery

-Consumption in load: 200mA @ 5V

-Charging time: 2 to 3 hours.

-MP3 and WMA format

-Folder navigation

-Standby and automatic shutdown configurable

Supported System: PC under WINDOWS 8 ® recommended, Windows ® XP or above , Linux - no driver needed Interface: USB 2.0

Dimensions: 80 mm x 20 mm x 11 mm
Weight: 18 g




















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