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                                             WELCOME TO THE NEW SHOP MultiMice ®               





This shop is dedicated to provide hardware and software primarily for equipment of educational institutions in a collaborative approach to work, often on a single screen.

The MultiMice ® concept implements a set of 32 or 40 wireless mouse connected through a receiver and interface boxf to a single computer connected to a video projector.
Mice communicate with the interface box with a radio-frequency link.
A specific software allows to select the active mouse.
This software works with any application software, it also offers the opportunity to run MCQs, the  results of which are obtained immediately.



The system presented in a case is fully mobile.


So this shop also offers a set of mobility dedicated equipements  which  are transitional low cost solutions before deploying fixed equipments:

- Multimedia carts AutonoMice ® 

- Interactive white boards  

-  Podcasting  set MultiStick

- USB duplicators Multikey

- Set of  tablets MultiPad ®

- Set of electronic slates MultiSlate  

- Set of keyboards / touchpads MultiTab ®

And of course the basic facilities of ICT, always looking for the best quality / price ratio:

- Video projectors
- Printers
- Computers
- Equipment for cable or radio frequency networks
- Consumables